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Management Commitment to Safety

The Management of Acret Group is committed to achieving a safety culture of aspiring to ZERO HARM in the workplace. This core standard applies to all activities undertaken by Acret Group and must be promoted and supported by all employees at all levels.

The Management at Acret Group are firmly committed and are pro-active in ensuring a safe working environment on all projects and in all offices. Zero Harm, as a goal, is about continuous safety improvement and is based on seven fundamental principles:

  1. All employees at all levels to be fully aware of their responsibilities for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.
  2. Injuries and diseases are preventable.
  3. No task is that important that it will compromise the health and well-being of you, your team mates and others on site, nor will it compromise the work environment.
  4. Identify all hazards and manage risks associated with them.
  5. Health and safety performance shall always be reviewed and improved.
  6. Provide feedback to employees regarding their successful contribution to safety.
  7. Communicating up-to-date information to all employees so they improve their knowledge of safety issues and solutions.

The Zero Harm goal can only be achieved through the safety awareness and commitment of all employees including Management.

The Management of Acret Group is committed to the empowerment of all employees, such that any employee may report an unsafe condition, safety hazard, and/or unsafe act without fear of reproach.

Acret Group believes that greater employee involvement and participation will result in the achievement of a Zero Harm safety record, improved productivity and a higher quality of work.

The monitoring of safety performance is an important management tool and is a significant part of the ongoing assessment of management and employees.

Providing safe and effective tools and support such as Induction Programs, Training, example setting by management and communication towards desired goals are a part of achieving such participation.

The involvement of employees in safety activities is fundamental to the success of Acret Group.

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