Celebrating 100 years as Master Painters

Few companies can boast one hundred years of continuous service, however, four generations of Master Painters is quite an accomplishment. Renowned for our quality craftsmanship and reliability, Acret Group is a trusted name in commercial, industrial and residential painting in Australia since 1913.

Over the past century, Acret Group has undertaken a wide range of painting projects. From simple, straight forward projects to highly detailed and complex programs of work, Acret Group’s meticulous attention to detail, professional approach and expertise in project management ensures budgets are met, safety is never compromised and customer expectations are surpassed.

At Acret Group, we understand that every job presents its own set of unique challenges. From minimising disruption to ensuring safety on site. Our flexibility and willingness to work with and accommodate customer needs, together with clear and effective communication with project stakeholders makes Acret Group the right choice for a painting contractor. So when quality matters, choose Acret Group.